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I just ate the best salmon I've ever tasted. It came from this recipe, only I didn't have oranges and I substituted asparagus for the fingerling Yukons and haricots verts.

My husband, who is not a fan of any kind of fish, said he'd love to eat it again, and I must always cook salmon this way. Bean even admitted he liked it. That is saying a lot.

*files recipe*

With it, I served stir-fried bok choy, only I added some beech mushrooms (that we bought at the Asian market this weekend) to the recipe. It was also tasty, but not as much a hit as the salmon.

Now? I'm exhausted. It's been a long day. We had to hit the library this morning, after which I turned a bag of compost into the garden and then hurried to pick Bean up from school. I had to talk to his teacher about him not finishing his work in school. (He can do it, he just won't.) Then after lunch we had to go buy swim trunks for both sons. Then Bean had his first swimming lesson ever and it was a hit -- except that Sprout wanted a lesson too, and spent the whole time running up and down the pool side (you know, the part where it says "No Running"?) and I spent the whole time Not Running to catch him. Then Bean didn't want to leave, and insisted he wanted another lesson, and I insisted that he'd have another lesson on Thursday. There were tears. I finally piled the kids into the car, we went to pick brozinski up from work, and came home... and I cooked. So I'm tired of standing and walking and dealing with children, and I'm ready to go to bed NOW. But I have to get them to bed first, after baths.

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