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Doing my usual laundry routine this morning.

We had an expensive weekend, but good. We have our tax refund, and we used some of it this weekend to get a new computer monitor (because our old one showed mostly black and not much else), to get me some new hiking boots (because my 15-year-old ones were falling apart at the seams), to get our computer a new hard drive (a separate one to hold brozinski's music sample files for GigaStudio), and to get Mario Kart Wii (because we need to do something fun with it). :)

We also visited an Asian market -- closer to our house than the Japanese market downtown. We wanted to see what they had. Boy howdy, they have A LOT of stuff. But it was mostly Vietnamese and Korean, and for the most part we had no idea what we were looking at. D: I was able to find one brand of miso, but no udon... but they had lots of good-looking produce, and probably 20 different kinds of whole fish, and none of them the salmon/trout/halibut staples that you usually find in an American grocery store. They also had a butcher where you could buy just about any part of the pig (inside OR out) that you wanted. I was too scared to buy most things there, because I had no idea what they were or what I'd do with them, but I did pick up daikon, bok choy (only it was called something else) and some white button mushrooms, and some red miso, because we're out at home. I think if I want to buy Japanese groceries I'll still have to go downtown, but it's good to know what this new place has.

Bean has had a stuffy nose and cough for a week, but no other symptoms. I kept him home from school one day last week, but he's not acting sick so I'm assuming it's just a mild cold/allergies.

Sprout started coughing over the weekend, with a runny nose, sore throat, and last night started a fever. He's also acting like he doesn't feel well -- crying, clingy, and in general quieter than he usually is. We're keeping an eye on him, and keeping him home. If this keeps up tomorrow, we'll be calling the pediatrician. (I don't think it's swine flu, because we haven't had any diagnosed cases of swine flu here, and he hasn't really been around anyone that is sick -- to my knowledge, anyway. And no one we know has been to Mexico recently.)

I am now on Dreamwidth, as puffbird. For the time being, it will probably be a mirror of my livejournal.
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